Colorado for the (Wildlife) Win.

You might not think of New York City as having much wildlife, but there are more than just party animals in this concrete jungle.

Peregrine falcons roost on a 5th Avenue building, squirrels steal lunches in Madison Square Park, and there are even a few renegade coyotes in Central Park.  But there are two species I see on a daily basis that I might not miss…

Exhibit A: Rat

Exhibit B: Rat with Wings

If you’ve ever had rats leap out of your apartment building’s trash cans every time you try to do laundry, or if a pigeon has ever flown into the back of your head, you’ll understand how I feel.

In Colorado, they have adorable harvest mice and majestic golden eagles.

I think that’s a pretty clear “W” for Colorado.

Although, if I’m being perfectly honest, I’ll probably miss the rats and pigeons…or at least the opportunity to sound like a total badass back home, when you get to say “dude, I see rats all the time” to horrified Midwesterners.

(And I’m sure they have rats and pigeons in Colorado, but don’t destroy my illusions!)


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