Cold as the Rockies.

My friend organized a perfect July 4th celebration this year: food + beer in Brooklyn’s Prospect Park.  On my way over, I picked up a six-pack of these patriotically-colored cans of Dale’s Rocky Mountain Pale Ale.  Mind you, I hadn’t even decided to move to Colorado yet…

It was fate!

So I settled onto the blanket, in a prime location under a big, shady tree, popped open a Rocky Mountain Pale Ale, and shared my moment of clarity that eventually led to my decision to move to Colorado.

That’s me guys, I swear!

I’m a fan of The Bachelor/Bachelorette franchise, especially this past season.  I had a major crush on Jef, and they visited his ranch during the hometown dates.  His family’s ranch is in Utah, and it is gorgeous.  It’s got sweeping vistas, rocky outcrops, and white picket fences.  You can shoot clay pigeons there, and you can have picnics on hay bales.  It is idyllic.

When I saw this ranch, my sad little heart, fettered so long by fears, started beating again, and I knew I needed to be out in some nature.

For luck, I’ve been drinking one each night while I apply for jobs.  But only one, because job applications require a modicum of lucidity.

It’s a tasty beer, and I highly recommend you pick up a six-pack of your own.


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