Happy V-Day, or F*ck You, I-25.

Happy Valentine's Day! We all know V-Day can be tricky, whether you're in a romantic relationship or not. Consumerism criticisms aside, I love this holiday. I love that there's a day on the calendar devoted to telling people you love them. It's a good excuse to reach out to my family and send funny memes … Continue reading Happy V-Day, or F*ck You, I-25.



It is not yet spring, but I see it today in the deep blue sky. Spring announces her approach on the wind blowing through my open windows, carrying the sun that warms my face and a bright patch on the floor beside me. She calls to me through the finches who are perched in the … Continue reading Awakening.


Happy New Year, Friends! This January 1, I sat down with my journal to write my 2019 goals. I had been dreading it most of the morning - it had been far too long since I'd written in those pages. I had fallen off my self-care wagon, and perfection-fueled judgment started to tug at my … Continue reading More.